About Koryo Korean BBQ

Moving Forward

With a firm position on East Asian fast food outlets in major regional retail locations and a strong knowledge of the local market, Chinese Palace Restaurant Group joined with its associates overseas in order to develop new concepts to introduce to the Middle East. We always ask the question, “What is missing?”

Drawing from our heritage and our F&B operations in East Asia, we were overwhelmed by the sheer number of potential concepts that exist in East Asia but not in the Middle East. However, many concepts that work in East Asia would, understandably, not necessarily work in the U.A.E. With our regional understanding, we were able to single out select offerings we found suitable for the local customer base that have not been introduced to the U.A.E. food scene.

Working carefully with our East Asian associates and closely surveying the U.A.E. F&B market, we dedicated our joint effort to creating new dining experiences that can be presented to our regional audience.

We believe bringing Koryo to Dubai is the next step.

Korean Cuisine

The ancient Korean cuisine focused on simplicity and preservation.
The Korean people knew to plan ahead, preserving their food with spices and marinades to endure the harsh winters of the Korean Peninsula. The production of an array of dishes along with a pot of heart-warming stew from these ingredients became an art form. The Koreans also mastered the ability to harness maximum flavor from precious meat, available only on special occasions, with careful treatment of the meat and skillful use of the grill.

The modern Korean cuisine is modeled after feasts that only Korean royalty were able to enjoy: grilled meats (gogigui), stews (jjigae), grains (bap), and dozens of side dishes (banchan). The goal was to cover the table full with dishes so that one will never have to repeat a flavor during a meal. Abundance is the focus.

From the Far East to the Middle East

Korean Cuisine is the latest of the traditional East Asian cuisines to come into international spotlight. Korean culture grows more popular everyday and recently reached star status thanks to Mr. Psy and his mesmerizing Gangnam style. Being a major cuisine internationally with a huge following around the world, one can not help but wonder why a Korean QSR concept has been absent in Dubai for so long.

While some lesser known Korean restaurants can be found tucked away in pockets of Korean communities, Korean food is non-existent in any of the leading malls in Dubai and their food courts. With our research and survey of the customer base in the largely international community here, we know that a Korean QSR concept will not only be a welcome addition to any major food court but stands now as the last missing link in completing a food court’s East Asian food offering.

Company History

Since opening its first banquet restaurant in Dubai's Al Ghurair Centre in 1980, Chinese Palace Restaurant has been widely acclaimed by countless customers for its authentic Chinese cuisine and attentive service. With overwhelming support from local partners and communities, Chinese Palace Restaurant was given the opportunity to pioneer various Asian quick dining restaurants in the region to meet the rising demands in both quick and casual dining. Today, with its groups of restaurants each leading in their individual markets, Chinese Palace Restaurant Group has set its goal on only bringing offerings of the highest authenticity and excellence.